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No one is above the law- Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's president, center, arrives for a meeting of the Zimbabwe Business Club in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Thursday Jan. 18, 2018. Mnangagwa shows no bitterness toward Robert Mugabe, who he served as a right-hand man through the liberation war against Rhodesia and since independence in 1980, and still calls an “icon.” Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg
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HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa says government will not consider friendship in its fight against corruption as no one is above the law.

Addressing Zimbabweans based in DRC on Tuesday evening, President Mnangagwa said the vision of his administration is to ensure adherence to the rule of law.

The President’s sentiments came on the eve of the elapse of the three month grace period he gave to those who externalised funds to repatriate the cash.

He said it is the vision of his government to turn Zimbabwe into a middle income country, that can be achieved through  growing the economy, modernising industry and agriculture to catch up with other countries.

President said as part of  government’s re-engagement initiative, Britain has pledged to assist in efforts to reduce the country’s international debt.

He took time to explain the transitional period that led to the resignation of the former president Cde Robert Mugabe.

He said the toxic politics of the G40 cabal violated the operations of the three arms of government and the ruling ZANU-PF resulting in the party recalling Cde Mugabe.

He said army generals convinced him that the evidence for impeachment was overwhelming and had it sailed through, Cde Mugabe would have lost his legacy and possibly been imprisoned.

He however assured Zimbabweans that while the country had gone through political instability in the days leading to Cde Mugabe’s resignation, the contestations were mainly at the top and did not affect the rest of the country or the economy.

President Mnangagwa said the stabilization of the country’s politics has seen the government seeking partners who want to invest in Zimbabwe on a mutual benefit basis.

He said his government has removed some barriers that repelled investors like the amendment of the indigenisation law.

President Mnangagwa said as the economy is modernised, there will be need for investors to partner government in a number of projects.