‘Mwonzora faces imminent arrest’ – Sources

Douglas Mwonzora

THE Douglas Mwonzora led MDC-T has accused police of conniving with some party activists to arrest its newly elected leader over claims of misappropriating party funds.

Mwonzora, who was MDC-T secretary-general before his disputed victory in the December 27 2020 election, is accused of squandering nearly $6 million in party funds.

Some disgruntled party activists are said to have reported the alleged theft to the police.

However, party acting information and publicity secretary Witness Dube insists his boss’s hands were clean on the matter.

“Our financial dealings were above aboard,” he said.

“We are surprised that the police are being driven by certain activists who have been unsuccessfully trying to extort money from the organisation.

“Equally shocking are the Whatsapp chats circulating where certain members of the police are seen strategising with some of the activists who have no locus standi to represent the party.”

Dube added, “To show that there is malice in the handling of the matter, internal and confidential correspondence of the police has been leaked to the media.

“We appeal to law enforcement officers not to be drawn into the internal politics of the party.

“Our leaders are willing to cooperate with law enforcement in whatever investigations they are doing.”

Dube insisted the issue was adequately dealt with during the chaotic extraordinary congress.

“The extraordinary congress dealt with the issue of these allegations and concluded that they are false.

“They were just part of a smear campaign against one of the candidates. It (EOC) went on to resolve that an independent external audit of all the monies be done.

“The Finance and Administration committee is sitting this week to appoint the auditors. We also know that these allegations are all meant to forestall the external audit as ordered by the congress,” said Dube.

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