‘Mnangagwa’s govt withholding MDC funds to stop protests’

Charlton Hwende

GOVERNMENT is withholding the MDC’s share of funds due to the main opposition under the Political Parties Finance Act in a bid to stop possible use of the money to fund protests, the opposition party has said.
Top party sources told NewZimbabwe.com that efforts have been made to get the money but government has moved its officials from pillar to post with no tangible reason.

“We have not received our share from the Political Parties Finance Act because government thinks we will use the money to fund protests. They are scared and now are withholding the money despite a public pronouncement to the effect that the money was now available,” said a source.

Party spokesperson Daniel Molokele said he was not privy to the reasons as to why government is holding on the money, months after Treasury released it.

“We have not yet received the money. The secretary general (Charlton Hwende) has been chasing and as far as I know, we have not had any joy on that front,” said Molokele.

Hwende denied the MDC would want to use the money to fund anti-government protests.

“We have not received a cent and it’s true we have been sent from pillar to post by the government. I am aware that Treasury has released the money. However, for some reason, someone has seen it fit to play dirty politics with our share,” said Hwende.

The MDC secretary general said his view was that Zanu-PF wanted to cripple the party’s programmes.

“We use that money to enhance our parliamentary programmes. We employ people to help our legislators and they need to be paid.

“I have been chasing that money for months but there is nothing. The idea in our view is to cripple us. It’s nonsensical for someone to think we will use that money to fund protests. Zimbabweans don’t need money to be organised because they are hungry and angry already,” said Hwende.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo said while he was aware of a statement to the effect that Treasury had released the funds, he was not aware if the ruling party had received it’s share.

“I am aware that there was a statement to the effect that the two parties will receive the funds maybe two months ago but I would not know if we have received. Our secretary for finance Patrick Chinamasa would know better,” said Khaya-Moyo.

Chinamasa was not available for comment. However, party secretary for administration Obert Mpofu said Zanu-PF was yet to receive its share.

“We are waiting for that intervention. We have not received it yet,” said Mpofu.

Source – newzimbabwe