Mnangagwa’s govt on the brink as old guard fight technocrats

HARARE – A nasty war is brewing between ZANU PF old guard and government technocrats as the old guard is baying for the blood of the later, according to reports.

Highly placed sources who spoke to this reporter revealed that some elements in the ZANU PF old guard are plotting to push out technocrats who refuse to serve their personal agendas.

Said the source, “Dr. Agnes Mahomva was the first casualty of war she saw her being booted from the ministry of health and demoted through promotion to a less colourful desk in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

“The next target is Secretary for Finance George Guvamatanga whom they accused of blocking several shady deals and has frustrated a number of would-be looters.  There is a deliberate smear Campaign against Guvamatanga and someone is driving a dirty anti Guvamatanga narrative in order to pave way for a certain individual. They want George gone, and they are using social media to fight the Perm Secretary.”

These reports come at a time when some high ranking officials in Harare are said to be accusing Guvamatanga of leaking sensitive information to the media and social media.

The latest case being the leak of internal government communication regarding a company called Drax International.

Commenting on the matter, Political Analyst Shephard Dube said there is no way George Guvamatanga would leak classified information from within his office.

“George is a seasoned banker who is no stranger to dealing with classified information. His stint at Barclays bank and Bankers Association of Zimbabwe attests to the fact that he is a technocrat who knows what he is doing. My prayer is that government officials will stop fighting each other and focus on solving the issues that affect our people.” Dube said.

Source – Byo24