‘Mnangagwa must take responsibility for humanitarian crisis’ – British govt

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (Image: Daily Express)

The UK government has urged the Zimbabwe government to take responsibility for the humanitarian crisis affecting citizens.

This was said by Alok Sharma the International Development Secretary who announced £49 million of UK aid to Zimbabwe. He said:

The Government of Zimbabwe must do more to deliver the promised fundamental political and economic reforms and take responsibility for the humanitarian crisis affecting its people.

Sharma also made it clear that the aid would not be given directly to the government of Zimbabwe.

He said that it will be given to trusted partners to help malnourished children, families and communities.

The UK Aid donation comes after the United Nations recently appealed to stakeholders and sympathisers to assist Zimbabwe to avert the projected starvation.

Sharma’s remarks echo remarks by opposition political parties and civil society organisations in Zimbabwe who have often blamed the sorry state of affairs in the country on bad governance by the government.

The government, on the other hand, attributes the socio-economic crises on a plethora of factors including El-Nino, Tropical Cyclone Idai, Corruption, Sabotage by business and opposition MDC, and of course economic Sanctions by Western countries.

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