Mnangagwa launches campaign pledge card

FILE PHOTO: President Emmerson Mnangagwa addresses an election rally of his ruling ZANU PF party in Mutare, Zimbabwe, May 19, 2018. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo/File Photo

HAHARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has launched a campaign pledge card and called on Zimbabweans to hold him accountable for his promises.

Releasing the pledge card, the President who is the Zanu PF presidential candidate in the July 30 harmonised elections said in the new Zimbabwe leaders must be public servants, be open, transparent and accountable to the people.

He said each pledge card has his signature and should be considered a coupon of progress and development and a certificate of trust between the people and himself.

The pocket sized pledge cards to be distributed over the next two months are designed to be preserved, enabling people to tick off pledges as they are accomplished.

The cards which include the phrase, real leadership – action, not words close by inviting the public to keep the pledge card and make sure Mnangagwa keeps his promises.

The President pledges to put job creation first taking advantage of the huge investment wave to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in agriculture, mining, tourism, service sectors and new infrastructure projects.

In his second pledge, President Mnangagwa said he has zero tolerance to corruption and anyone found guilty of corruption will be fired and punished.

He also pledged to establish a modern, affordable health care system for all by reducing hospital fees by 50 percent, improve the supply of critical drugs guaranteeing free health care to all cancer patients and building 78 new hospitals.

In the fourth pledge, the President commits to develop infrastructure worth of the new Zimbabwe by increasing power generation capacity, constructing a new railway network system, and the dualisation of all major roads.

Mnangagwa also pledges to generate unprecedented education and employment opportunities for the youth through introducing programmes such as youth business hubs, fostering youths ownership and control of resources, establishing quotas for allocation of stands and houses and training programmes.

The five pledges by the President will form the core of his promise to the Zimbabwean people. – ZBC

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