Mnangagwa issues chilling warning to opposition and foreign embassadors

HARARE – The embattled Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa has warned non-governmental organisations (NGOs), trade unions, churches and some foreign embassies against destabilising prevailing peace, unity and harmony through dabbling in politics, saying the ruling party will not allow such conduct.

In his address to the Zanu PF Ordinary Session of the Politburo meeting, at the ruling party headquarters in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa, according to State media said the Second Republic’s re-engagement efforts with all nations should never be mistaken for a sign of weakness, but signifies his Government commitment and value for international solidarity based on mutual respect.

“We continue to see acts that seek to outrightly destabilise the peace, unity and harmony we are enjoying, in particular through the use of platforms in the health, education and security sectors. We shall never quiver or capitulate in the face of these machinations. Zanu PF is a Revolutionary Party, a party of liberation, a party with a rich ideology, history and a vision for the future. This character of our party is stronger than any challenge we may face no matter from what front or force,” he said.

Daring union leaders, who are hiding behind the workers’ grievances to push their political agenda and machinations, Mnangagwa said they should choose which side they want to be on, the workers or politics.

“I urge those who purport to represent workers to do just that. It is a one-way traffic lane. Political ambitions and views belong to another lane. Choose the lane you walk on. Those in politics must seek the mandate of the people every five years, through the ballot box. That is the constitutional way, that is the rule of law way, that is the democratic way,” he said.

Just a few years before the 2023 elections and with political parties now masking their agendas through employing trade unionists and other forms of economic sabotage, the President said they should instead focus on areas of their jurisdictions such as local authorities that reek of corruption and other malpractices.

“In between these years, I urge political parties to express their capacity to govern on correct platforms. Sadly, we are seeing opposition parties clamouring for spaces that we control as Zanu PF, yet the local authorities under their purview are havens of corruption, malpractice and poor service delivery. As a party, we have no interest in the politics of the opposition, our agenda and focus is to improve the quality of life of all Zimbabweans, leaving no one behind,” he said

“Civil organisations must stick to the functions and roles for which they were registered. Those who deviate from their mandate will attract de-registration. Some of our guests of the state, our foreign embassies are reminded that Zimbabwe is an independent and sovereign nation. They are once again dissuaded from interfering in our internal affairs and should stop forthwith the funding of destabilisation activities.”

On re-engagement, an initiative Mnangagwa said some hostile elements are now abusing the Government goodwill through “crab-like” tendencies.

“As Zanu PF we are engaging and re-engaging not as a sign of weakness or a sign of surrendering our hard won independence and the values we hold dear. NO, not at all. It is because we know the value of international solidarity and believe in a shared future for all mankind. Foreign missions who have crab-like tendencies stand warned and should restrict themselves to their diplomatic mandates.”

Apart from embassies, and civil society organisations, that are openly interfering in the country’s politics, the Mnangagwa also raised the red flag on Churches that are enmeshing themselves in politics instead of nourishing people’s souls.

“To churches and men of the cloth, as a nation, we are yearning for you to churn out the incorruptible word of God to nourish and uplift us. There are some who are dabbling in politics, ko anotiparidzira shoko benyu ndiani kana topiringishana mu politics?”

Mnangagwa commended the nation for its response and participation in the national day of prayer which was held on June 15, 2020.

“I exhort us all to continue in prayer for our beloved nation . . . Let us always increase our awareness of the needs of the people and seek to serve them wholeheartedly, shunning corruption, working hard, leading with integrity.”