Mnangagwa going after billionaires and millionaires in Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, pictured, who replaced long-time ruler Robert Mugabe in July ©Getty Images

Zanu-PF insiders also say that although President Emmerson Mnangagwa had not moved with speed to deal with corruption, the current anti-graft blitz had long been coming.

They pointed to the reminder he was recently given by his Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), which implored him to deal decisively with the scourge of corruption which was angering long suffering citizens.

A sources claimed that Mnangagwa had said that the nation would be “shocked by the officials and businesspeople who will be apprehended soon”.

“The president said that he was going after billionaires and millionaires in the country big time, who are rich from the proceeds of crime.

While applauding the strengthening of Zacc and its commitment towards uprooting graft, members of the PAC told Mnangagwa in their August letter that cartels were contributing to the worsening hardships ordinary people were facing.

“We would (however) advise you that citizens are dismayed and angered by the existence of corrupt cartels that are responsible for causing tremendous hardships to the people of this country.

“There is widespread perception that these cartels exist in the foreign currency, fuel, gold, tobacco and chrome sectors – to name the most prominent ones.

“We would like to believe that the individuals or organisations driving these cartels are known to the authorities.

“Zimbabweans are at a loss as to why these cartels are allowed to continue to operate freely while they are wreaking so much damage to the economy and to the welfare of citizens,” the miffed advisors said in a document which was exclusively published by the Daily News.

“Citizens want strong, visible and urgent action taken against the real culprits (the tigers and not just the runners or small fish). Unless this is done, Your Excellency, we do not believe that trust and confidence can be restored.

“The new dispensation has a unique window of opportunity to leave an enduring legacy by moving with speed to draw the curtain on corruption,” the advisors added.

Source – dailynews