Mnangagwa demands unquestionable loyalty from Zanu-PF members

Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday demanded loyalty from the party’s newly-elected District Coordinating Committee (DCC) members ahead of the 2023 elections.

Speaking before yesterday’s central committee meeting, Mnangagwa said the DCC elections were over and the party must be united.

“Now that those elections (DCCs) are behind us, both elected leaders and unsuccessful candidates must recommit themselves to the founding values, principles and ideals of the party enshrined in our party constitution.

“It is praiseworthy that there has been an infusion of new vibrant cadres within our DCCs. This new breed of elected officials must align themselves with the culture, vision, work ethic and value system of the second republic.

“I call upon the Chitepo School of Ideology to quickly tailor make training programmes to capacitate and nurture these officials. “Going forward, all members must deploy their skills, competencies and energies towards growing the party and record another resounding victory in the 2023 harmonised general elections.”

He warned party members to keep defending the party.

“As we go into the new year, let us remain vigilant and alive to the unrelenting and nefarious neo-colonial agenda being pursued by some foreign governments through opposition parties, non-governmental organisations, opportunistic individuals and dubious organisations, to discredit our country, reverse the gains of our hard won independence and retard or slow down our development trajectory.”

Mnangagwa emphasised that party members must remain loyal.

“MuZanu-PF tese tine basa (we all have work to = do), let us as the central committee continue to serve our people wholeheartedly with utmost conviction and loyalty to our revolutionary party. The party motto; unity, peace and development must remain at the core of all that we do.

“I encourage all members of the party to go forward into 2021 and beyond with the spirit of unity, focus and determination that we exhibited in 2020.

“As required by our constitution, all members have the duty to strengthen, promote and popularise the party policies, programmes and projects among the people. We will not wait for the election campaign season in 2023 to outline our success.”

This comes as Zanu-PF is currently reeling from growing factional and tribal wars which marred this month’s keenly contested District Coordinating Committee (DCC) elections which forced party bigwigs to shelve the announcement of most of the results, amid claims of massive rigging and cheating by some of the losing candidates.

It also comes amid a recent admission by Zanu-PF secretary for security in the politburo, Lovemore Matuke in an interview with the Daily News that the chaos had been engineered by remnants of the G40 and Gamatox factions, as they allegedly continued to attempt to weave their way back into the party.

Mnangagwa added that the government has hit the right chord in as far as economic development is concerned. “We are a party that gives credence to hard honest work, a party of action and results.

“We are delivering on the promises we made to our people and ensuring equal development which leaves no one place behind.

“Under Zanu-PF, those with talent are realising their full potential while communities are deciding their destiny. “Every part of our country will prosper leveraging on the various unique resources endowments.”

Source – dailynews

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