Mnangagwa admits doing favour to buttress his ‘son’ Kazembe’s grip on Mash Central

EMBATTLED ZANU-PF chairperson Kazembe Kazembe forced President Emmerson Mnangagwa to conduct a rally soon after he finished commissioning of Eureka mine in Guruve yesterday.

The provincial chairman who has since lost favor and surviving on Mnangagwa’s mercy told the gathering that he indeed pushed Mnangagwa to address a number of supporters who were bussed to Guruve.

“I was very mischievous because l pushed His Excellency to come and meet his people since it had been long he came here on government duty but l know that party supporters were yeaning to meet the President hence he gave in to my plan,” thundered Kazembe.

Mnangagwa confirmed that Kazembe had been mischievous by planning a rally behind his back but he gave in because he also wanted to talk to people in a bid to mobilize his five million vote target. “Your chairman has been so mischievous l came to commission Eureka mine little did l know that he had organized a rally behind my back but nonetheless his mischief is good because at least you have seen me and l also saw you,” Mnangagwa said.

As jostling for provincial for positions ahead of provincial elections grips the province Kazembe was trying hard to prove to people that he is Mnangawa’s top ally and try to send a signal to other potential contenders on his post like James Makamba and Tafadzwa Musarara.

However Mnangagwa told the gathering that they should not be carried away by opposition parties as they begged for targeted sanctions.

“We should all wish for a good country with good leaders not those that beg for sanctions, we have gone more than twenty years with targeted sanctions called for by the opposition , we know they are amongst us in the country but we should just ignore them and let life continue,” he said.

“it is also unfortunate that in SADCC we are the only country that was not given funds to cater for Covid 19 pandemic vaccines but thank God to date we have more than five million people who were vaccinated and less covid 19 patients, “Mnangagwa said.

He further encouraged people to embrace Pfumvunza saying it will curb hunger and more Presidential inputs are going to be poured to the people, he further warned Agritex extension workers who are selectively distributing inputs to give everyone who has tilled the land.

“Your provincial minister told me that you are embracing Pfumvunza and we vowed that no one will starve but l am hearing that there are some AGRITEX extension workers who are selectively allocating inputs they should be warned if they still want to survive in my government.

Source – Byo24

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