Mliswa Warns ZANU PF, MDCs Enabling ‘Third Force’

Temba Mliswa

HARARE – Outspoken independent legislator Temba Mliswa has warned the ruling ZANU PF party and the opposition MDCs that they are creating conditions for the emergence of a “Third Force” which render them irrelevant.

Mliswa, who is MP for Norton, said those cast out from the major political parties will coalesce giving rise to a Third Force.

“Third Force” refers to a political group or party acting as a check on a conflict between two extreme or opposing groups.

In a Twitter thread this Friday, the former ZANU PF official argued that rigging of internal polls as allegedly occurred during last month’s DCC elections coupled with the MDCs’ apparent permanent self-destructive mode will alienate voters resulting in the emergence of the Third Force. Wrote Mliswa:

This country actually needs a strong opposition as that is a fundamental requirement for a strong government.

An unchallenged ruling party can become docile and frozen in inertia which only a strong opposition can end.

A weak opposition is thus a burden not just to itself and its supporters but to the whole nation’s body politick as the negative implications manifest in poor unchallenged national decisions by the ruling party. ZANU PF needs a functional and strong MDC.

However, both parties are tiring the citizenry with their attritional politics with each other and within themselves.

The rigging in the DCC elections, the MDC splits and fights etc. People are becoming tired of party politics steeped in unprogressive and undevelopmental battles.

The end result will be the creation or coming up of a Third Force as aggrieved members cast out from party fights seek to create alternatives that answer people’s questions relating to the basics of life.

People need answers to jobs, housing, water, service delivery etc.

ZANU PF’s DCC elections were reportedly marred by claims of massive rigging, with thousands of members unable to vote in various parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the MDC has morphed into two formations, the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T which has been embraced by the ruling party and the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa which has resisted cooptation by ZANU PF.

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