MDC says will not back GNU set-up with Zanu PF, demands NTA

THE MDC has said it will not entertain ideas of forming another unity government with the ruling Zanu PF.

Addressing the media to mark a year since the disputed 31 July presidential elections, MDC secretary for international relations, Gladys Hlatshwayo revealed the main opposition has written to SADC, the Africa Union (AU) detailing the danger posed by Zimbabwe’s continued turmoil and the need for their intervention.

“We have been engaging various stakeholders in the region including SADC, AU on this particular issue.

“We have written communications that Zimbabwe poses a peace and security threat to the region, it is not stable, the country is not stable.

“I think we have seen raptures within Zanu PF itself but also the socio-economic issues that we have been talking about,” said Hlatshwayo.

“…The rising discontent amongst citizens, people are willing to get onto the street and exercise their right as enshrined by Section 59 of the Constitution and we know how the regime responds usually around these issues, you saw what happened on August 1 and in January.

“So we have been raising these issues with the region with a view of making sure that the region intervenes and be proactive rather than wait for the situation to deteriorate.”

Party Spokesperson Daniel Molokele said that the MDC had agreed to push for the setting up of a National Transitional Authority (NTA) with no option of a Government of National Unity (GNU).

“The MDC will thus mobilise Zimbabweans across the spectrum for purposes of attaining national consensus and convergence.

“Attendant to the political pressure is diplomatic pressure in which the SADC region, Africa and the broader international community will be sensitised so that international pressure can be brought to bear for the regime in Harare.

“A credible, bankable, legitimate process of dialogue fully guaranteed by the international community with specific deliverables benchmarks and timelines through a mutually agreed and acceptable facilitator is a must,” said Molokele.

“As the MDC, we are clearly not calling for a return to the GNU or the Global Political Agreement that was done in 2009, we are asking for a process around the National Transitional mechanism.” – Nezimbabwe

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