MDC acknowledges Mnangagwa legitimacy as Hwende pays courtesy call on Germany ambassador

Opposition MDC Secretary-General, Chalton Hwende posted on Twitter suggesting that he had visited Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Germany, Paul Chikawa, a development that triggered a debate on social media. Hwende posted:
Yesterday I passed through our Zimbabwe Embassy in Germany and was well received by Ambassador Paul Chikawa and his team very fruitful engagement. Many Zimbabweans are based in Germany studying and working. During the GNU our very own MDC Ambassador Makuvise was based here.
This attracted a response from exiled former Cabinet Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi who viewed the stunt as hypocritical since the MDC does not recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa who appointed the Ambassadors. Mzembi Responded:
Can’t reconcile this. An Ambassador is literally “the President outside the country”. This is why they are addressed as “His Excellency” You can’t choose to recognise the President outside the country and unrecognise him in the country. Strange.
Another exiled former Cabinet Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo did not agree with Mzembi saying that Ambassadors represent the state, not the president who appointed them. He said:
No @hwendec don’t be misled by ediots. The Ambassador represents the State, the Republic of Zimbabwe and not any individual or office in Zimbabwe. The Embassy is Zimbabwe and not Mnangagwa. So when you’re at any Embassy of Zimbabwe, you’re on Zimbabwean soil outside Zimbabwe!

According to, Ambassadors are the highest-ranking diplomats sent abroad to represent their country’s interests. In the United States, the president appoints ambassadors to act as his representatives in other nations.

MDC does not recognise Mnangagwa as president saying that he manipulated presidential elections of 2018 in his favour.

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