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‘MDC-A full of pretenders’ – Mliswa

Temba Mliswa
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NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) has hit out at MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa describing him as an “immature wannabe” politician who is supported by “keyboard warriors”, adding that Zanu-PF won’t be removed by such “idealistic activists”.

Chamisa recently highlighted 2020 as a difficult year in which his party lost the headquarters, elected Councillors and MPs as well as key funding from Treasury to the well-oiled legal team behind the rival MDC-T camp.

Mliswa made the subtle attacks on Twitter where he said real political skill is lacking in the MDC Alliance.

“One unfortunate thing about Zimbabwean politics is that it is infested with immature wannabe politicians; idealistic activists who lack the rigorous skills of true politicians.

“Most of the supposed upcoming politicians are merely opportunists riding the wave of an unfortunate situation but themselves lacking the vital substance to outstay the situation and remain relevant,” said the talkative politician.

Mliswa said the main opposition movement was only capitalizing on the bits of negative issues in the country, otherwise they lacked strategy and political ideology to survive the Zimbabwean political terrain.

“Shorn of the negative environment prevailing in the country most of them are not worth much and/or don’t have the political stamina or aptitude to survive or remain relevant. They are as temporary as the situation itself as they possess nothing beyond the sermonious complaints.

“That is partly why @ZANUPF_Official, for all its other evils, has retained power over such a long time. It has some old heads who know the streets of politics and how to play it.

“I have been around and experienced politics in places such as Hurungwe West and in Norton,” added Mliswa, who was once the Zanu-PF chairperson for Mashonaland West province before being expelled in 2014.

“I learnt my lessons and have survived the battles using those lessons. Politics isn’t just a game of opportunistic and antagonistic shots by keyboard warriors.

“It’s about hard work on the ground. About being with the people. It’s a practical exercise in touching and changing lives,” said Mliswa. – Zimbabwe Voice 🔺