Makandiwa faces arrest over Mnangagwa poison prophesy

Shingirai Chirume know by his church activities as Prophet Makandiwa

HARARE – The founder and leader of the ‎United Family International Church‎ (UFIC) Emmanuel Makandiwa whose real name is Shingirai Chirume is under investigation by police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) for his prophesy linked to the poisoning of the embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, sources in government said.

Sources on Sunday said the flamboyant preacher could soon be arrested and aksed to clarify his prophesy which the authorities said was meant to cause political instability in the beleagured government of President Mugabe which is reeling from internal infighting over the succession of the ageing leader.

A parliamentarian, Temba Mliswa also voiced saying, “We want to know as parliamentarians, if there was foul play; There should be answers.”

The statements come after Makandiwa rushed to claim that he knew exactly how Mnangagwa would be poisoned. He made these statements as he played back a so called “prophecy” video he says was recorded way back in April 2017 in which he “accurately” predicted that Mnangagwa would be poisoned and “only prayer can save him.”
Makandiwa made the claim that he personally saved Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa from dying.

Speaking on Sunday morning hours after journalists had already revealed that Mnangagwa was airlifted from a Saturday Gwanda rally, Makandiwa rushed to proclaim that he had already foreseen Mnangagwa’s sickness in April this year and prayed for him to stop him from dying. He said he had already prophesied Mnangagwa’s food poisoning incident earlier in the year on April 9.

Makandiwa proclaimed saying, “I see someone in authority, who is loyal to a higher office, swallowing poison through food and vomiting blood and rushed to the hospital and only prayer can save him.”

The preacher also replayed footage from the said prophecy to his congregants on Sunday.

UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa confirmed the prophecy, saying: “Yes the video was played, re-living the service of the 9th of April wherein the man of God spoke about the need to pray for a prominent politician because he was seeing something entering his stomach causing him to vomit — food first and then blood and ending up in hospital. Though the man of God did not mention any names, you need to watch the footage in order to come up with your own interpretation.”

The development comes after the preacher faces a massive lawsuit running into over 5 million dollars having caused church members to engage the services of a fake lawyer he prophesied saying the man, Tichaona Mawere will never lose another case in his life and people must use him.

The lawyer, Mawere has through Makandiwa’s help thus been duping the public since 2010 while manufacturing fake and fraudulent court papers through which the business couple, Upenyu and Blessing Mashangwa lost $1,5million. Makandiwa recently also falsely claimed that he had healed comedian, Mai Titi of cancer, with the singer revealing shortly afterwards she does not even have the documented medical proof she had earlier claimed to possess.