Loyalists stampede to back Chamisa

THE MDC Alliance’s Bulawayo structures have scorned party leader Nelson Chamisa’s ouster in a watershed Supreme Court ruling Tuesday and further expressed unwavering support for the under-fire opposition politician.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court confirmed an earlier High Court ruling Chamisa’s rise to the helm of the country’s main opposition violated the MDC’s constitution.

This followed a court challenge by a disgruntled opposition member who felt Chamisa had jumped the gun when he muscled his way to the helm of MDC just as word filtered through that founding party leader Morgan Tsvangirai had lost a long battle with colon cancer in a South African hospital February 2018.

The courts ordered the convening of an extra-ordinary congress within three months to elect a new party president.

The Supreme Court also mandated former deputy president Thokozani Khupe to lead the process.

However, the MDC Alliance Bulawayo province said the Supreme Court’s ruling will not change anything.

“MDC Alliance Bulawayo province is fully behind the leadership of President Nelson Chamisa,” said Swithern Chirowodza, the party’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson.

“The province remains focused and loyal to his leadership.

“The Supreme Court judgment awarding Thokozani Khupe, in the post-February 14, 2018 era, with the acting presidency of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) will not affect us since Khupe is already leading her own party.”

Chirowodza insisted that Chamisa was duly elected by the party’s structures in Gweru during the MDC’s elective congress.

“Chamisa’s election by the people of Zimbabwe is sacrosanct. His secondment by both the party structures and the people of Zimbabwe to the position of MDC Alliance president is superior to the narrow interpretation of the law exhibited in the MDC v Mashavira case.

“The MDC Alliance held its national congress in May 2019 as provided for in the party’s constitution. At that congress Advocate Nelson Chamisa was unanimously confirmed as MDC Alliance president. As such our next national congress will be held in 2024,” said the MDC provincial spokesperson.

Chirowodza accused some senior members of the party of working with Zanu PF to divide MDC.

Meanwhile, Morgen Komichi has been rejected by his own allies in Midlands Province where he is a party senator.By virtue of having been party deputy chair post MDC-2014 congress whose mandate has been restored by the courts, Komichi has come forward to try to revive the erstwhile MDC administration.

This follows a Supreme Court ruling Tuesday declaring disputed MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s ascension to the helm of the main opposition 2018 violated the party constitution.

Soon after the ruling, Komichi did not lose time in prescribing what path the party shall now assume as he immediately ‘reinstated’ party politicians sacked by Chamisa.

However, party structures in Midlands have not fallen for the charade as MDC councillors from Kwekwe pledged allegiance to Chamisa.

“We would like to remind those daydreamers who have given their soul to the devil for the love of money that the struggle for total emancipation is not for sale and that 2,6 million votes (Chamisa’s presidential votes) is not a joke,” Eric Rukavhairo Kwekwe Councillor’s Chief Whip said.

MDC youths in the gold mining town also said Komichi was free to join former party deputy president Thokozani Khupe but they will not allow him to drag everyone with him.

“To the entire MDC Alliance family, be rest assured that the ruling will not affect our party but rather will have a bearing on MDC-T which is currently under the leadership of Thokozani Khupe.

“As for Mr Komichi and Mr (Douglas) Mwonzora, we say as much as we respect your right to your own opinion, we will not allow you to force it on us,” MDC Alliance Kwekwe District Youth Assembly spokesperson Milton Gwamuri said.

Former Midlands South provincial chair Francisco Masendeke and ex-party MP for Kwekwe Blessing Chebundo also vowed support for Chamisa.

MDC Alliance Midlands provincial spokesperson Takavafira Zhou also dismissed as daydreamers, those angling to elbow out Chamisa.

“Let it be known that the People’s President is safe, and ready to pursue our quest for democracy and egalitarianism to a logical conclusion.

“The Constitutional President Mnangagwa must be reminded that no weapon and bullet is stronger than the people’s will.

“No amount of brutality, legal manipulation, thuggery and political romance can stop an idea whose time is up. Those who wish MDC Alliance away are in for a rude awakening. The party is here to stay, and will never run short of leaders,” Zhou said.

Some of the rural structures in Midlands also vowed they will not be associated with the Khupe.