If MDC Alliance Attempts To Disrupt These Elections, The Law Will Deal With Them: Zanu-PF

The ruling Zanu-PF party has scoffed at the threats by the MDC Alliance that there will be no election unless the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) accedes to some of its demands on the electoral process.

In an interview with NewsDay, Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana said,

MDC Alliance cannot hold Zimbabwe at ransom. They don’t own Zimbabwe. They are a voluntary organisation which exists on the basis of volition. If they decide that they will not participate in the elections, it’s their choice, but we will continue with the elections.

They don’t own this country, nobody owns this country and no political party owns this country. We hold elections with those organisations which volunteers to participate.

There is no requirement in this country for the registration of political parties in order to exist and so if today the MDC decides they don’t want to exist, it’s up to them.

If they decide that they are turning themselves into a football club, it’s up to them, if they choose to be a political party that participates in elections, it’s again up to them.

Let them make a choice, in the same manner, they chose to exist. If they decide that they are now politically irrelevant, Zimbabwe will not stop moving because of that. We will continue holding the elections.

If they choose to disrupt, we have structures of the law in our country and they will act accordingly. If anyone attempts to disrupt these elections, the law will deal with them.

Let the people of Zimbabwe be assured that the government has the capacity to maintain law and order.

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