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Hopewell Chin’ono clash with Chamisa’s supporters on social media

Hopewell Chin'ono
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Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker, Hopewell Chin’ono has said the opposition MDC has since its formation in 1999 failed to appeal to the rural electorate.

He said they should learn from General Josiah Tongogara, a Zimbabwean liberation war hero who died in a “mysterious” car accident on the 26th of December 1979 soon after the Lancaster House Agreement which gave birth to independent Zimbabwe.

Chin’ono attached a video clip in which Gen Tongo, as Josiah Magama Tongogara is popularly known, underscored the importance of mass enlightenment on political discourses. Watch the video below.

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Chin’ono’s post attracted the wrath of MDC supporters including Haruzivishe Makomborero who insinuated that the freelance journalist does not understand the opposition party.

I can confirm that was done the time MDC burst into the political scene in 1999. I was doing form 4 when club membership and information gathering was done in remote areas like Rushinga. People got the message. All that was in vain because of violence and intimidation. I know so.

 to Chin’onno (@daddyhope) saying:

“Tongo explains what the MDC has failed to do over the years” I will take it as a “null hypothesis” Yes he was “prevented” from taking the crown but love him or hate him Morgan Tsvangirai reached every village. May his soul continue to rest in peace&power.

The MDC has been doing that in rural areas. I am saying this on the first-person narrative. If you insist I can provide the V11s here right now in pictorial, video and text form.

15 billion was not just a random figure @daddyhope; it was a continuation of the #NoToCorruption fight & spaghetti roads were some of the many things he could do with the looted money. I am saying this with certainty because I was part of Chamisa’s presidential campaign.

Chin’ono Interjected saying Chamisa’s spaghetti roads plan is known because “it was an election aspiration not because of corruption.: He added:

My point is if you can’t tell us what US$15 billion can do or how much it costs to run central hospitals, how then can your rural supporter understand corruption?

Haruzivishe responded:

Dismissing Chamisa’s #NoToCorruption fight on the basis that it was an election period is not fair because he has been fighting corruption in various capacities well before 2018. Was he supposed to stop fighting corruption because it was elections time?

Morgan Richard Tsvangirai mobilised against 15 billion corruption. @nelsonchamisa in 2018 travelled the length & breadth of Zimbabwe preaching of what an MDC government can do with 15 billion. We all know of spaghetti roads because of the MDC’s fight against corruption.

The discussion comes when the nation gears up for the 2023 harmonised election with the opposition saying it targets to win the rural vote.

MDC has so far failed to win in rural areas which are considered ZANU PF strongholds but the party claims it has since made inroads in those strongholds adding that they “are not ZANU PF strongholds anyway” as the ruling party is allegedly using violence to coerce voters.

The party often cites the 2008 runoff election which was eventually won by ZANU PF candidate Robert Mugabe after a torrent of violence on opposition supporters.

Political analysts say the MDC has to start engaging the rural electorate and understand the basic issues needed by the masses if it is serious about attaining power.