Chiwenga scoffs at US sanctions

VP Chiwenga

MOSCOW – Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga has scoffed at the United States of America for renewing illegal sanctions saying it is unfortunate that the US took such a decision at a time the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra has been embraced by the regional and international community.

In an exclusive interview with the State media in Moscow, Russia Vice President Chiwenga, said while it is America’s democratic right to do so, the new dispensation will soldier on and embrace other friendly progressive nations who are willing to come on board to rebuild Zimbabwe to its status as the jewel of Africa.

Zimbabwe is open for business and renewing sanctions will not stop the new dispensation from taking on board new investors.

“To renew sanctions for what, I don’t think the people of Zimbabwe should be perturbed, but should give them zeal and energy and rebuild our nation, anyone who want to work with us can come and will take them on board, it’s unfortunate that the US continue to punish the ordinary people for a mistake which can be corrected, will not stop the new government to take on boards progressive nations who are willing to work with us,” laments Vice President.

To the doubting Thomas’s who continue to seat on the investment fence, Chiwenga said they can wait and see.

Vice President Chiwenga is in Russia to meet Russian investors willing to invest in Zimbabwe as well as to deliver a special message to the Russian government following the just ended harmonised elections which saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa romping to victory.