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Chamisa calls for political tolerance

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CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa, Monday called for political tolerance after a senior Labour Ministry official was booed while presenting a speech at the Workers’ Day celebrations held in Dzivarasekwa, Harare.

The opposition leader who was presenting his solidarity statement at the ZCTU organised event shot down his supporter’s conduct saying: “I am shocked that you failed to tolerate speakers whom you do not share the same political beliefs with.

“Citizens bear in mind that we build a country through love and unity. Even those whom we do not agree with must be tolerated. Zimbabwe is one. Let’s learn to accompany each other with our ears even when we do not sink with our hearts. Tolerance must be practiced by all citizens.

“When our new government comes into power. We will not dismiss our police, soldiers and members of the Central Intelligence Organisation and those who work for government”.

Nelson Chamisa delivers a speech at Workers Day Commemorations in Dzivarasekwa

The CCC leader further slammed the government for the rising unemployment rates which he attributed to bad governance urging workers to vote ‘wisely’ in the upcoming polls.

Chamisa added: “The President is the chief worker in any country and must work well to avail opportunities for other workers.

“If you vote for the wrong leader. It means you have chosen the wrong person. But if you elect the wrong leader then everything goes wrong.

“That also becomes visible because when such a senior worker assumes office, companies begin to close shop and workers lose their jobs. But if you appoint the right leader, companies’ open doors and citizens begin to get jobs.

“This is the last May Day under corruption, oppression and economic depression. The 2024 May Day is going to be Uhuru and good news for the workers under a new Republic and the citizens’ government”.