Biti dumps confrontational politics – calls for dialogue with Zanu PF

Firebrand politician and MDC-A principal Tendai Biti has dumped confrontational politics and asserted that engagement and political dialogue between the MDC-A and ZANU PF is the only panacea to the current economic meltdown that  the country is currently experiencing.

Speaking in a wide ranging interview with the  Mail and Telegraph, Biti said dialogue should be centred on issues to do with legitimacy and reform agenda, among others.

“Firstly let us agree on what we are going to discuss. Number one, we should discuss on the issue of legitimacy. We have also to discuss the issues to do with structural reform agenda specifically focusing on electoral reform, legal reform, constitutional reform specifically focusing on state capture and militarisation of the state,” he said.

He also said the dialogue will also  have to centre on the current economic gangrene.

“We have to discuss the economy especially on how do we deal with macroeconomic stability and fiscal consolidation. We also have to discuss how we deal with the issue of huge structural reforms that are required like public service reform,” said the former finance minister.

Biti suggested that the country has to adopt the Rand Monetary Union in order to escape the financial mess, but warned that there will be serious abuse if Zanu PF introduces it alone.

“The current financial mess is a dog’s breakfast, one which my dogs will not touch because it’s a disaster. We have to demonetise the bond note, join the Rand Monetary Union. I will also have to say that ZANU PF can introduce the Rand Monetary Union but if  left on their own, they will bastardisethat currency the way they bastardised the Zimbabwean dollar and the US dollar.

We are the first country that have bastardised the US dollar so Zanu on its own cannot do these things. We also have to resolve the challenges of gross capital formation. The challenges on infrastructural development especially on the state of our roads,” he added. – Mail & Telegraph