Your worship how many times should l pay for one crime – maize thief asks magistrate

A 29-YEAR -OLD maize thief was caught stealing maize cobs by a farmer and was  bashed after being charged Us$10 for truck hiring which he lost to the truck driver.

Lucky Nyamasora was slapped with $1300 fine by Guruve magistrate Shingirai Mutiro for stealing 173 green maize cobs.

In mitigation Nyamasora said the farmer meted instant justice on him after he caught him stealing and hired a lorry to carry his loot which he paid UD$10.

“Your worship, it is unfair that I’m in court today. The maize cobs owner assaulted me, the driver I had hired to ferry the loot also took my US$10 and now I’m in court. How many times should I pay for I crime?” lamented Nyamasora.

Prosecutor Carson Kundiona told the court that on March 7 Nyamasora entered into Sande Ruwisi’s field in Guruve and stole 173 maize cobs.

A hired lorry driver saw the maize being taken from the bush to be loaded in his lorry and he became suspicious and quizzed Nyamasoka who confessed that he had stolen the maize.

The lorry driver told the farmer about the theft and he filed a police report leading to the arrest of Nyamasoka.

Source – Byo24