Woman forces daughter to steal from hubby

Sharon Ndlovu and mother Join Ndlovu.

A BULAWAYO woman was humiliated after it was discovered that she threatened to kill her daughter if she refused to help her steal $1 300 from her son-in-law.

Join Ndlovu (52) conspired with her daughter Sharon Ndlovu (19) to steal from Ndlovu’s husband Moses Dube who is a gold panner based in Gwanda.

Dube and Sharon are married and they have one child together.

The revelations are that Dube gave Sharon the money in small amounts amounting to $2 500 with the intention that they were going to start a business together but he was disappointed when he found out that Sharon was only left with $1200.

Sharon told Dube that she gave $1 300 to her mother who threatened to kill her if she did not give her the money.

Dube then opened a police case against Sharon and her mother.

The two appeared before West ern Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube where they pleaded guilty to theft.

In her defence Join Ndlovu said an evil spirit possessed her at the time of the alleged crime.

‘Your worship, I cannot remember how I spent the money and I do agree that I threatened my daughter to give me cash,’? she said.

Both Sharon and her mother were sentenced to 24 months in prison, three months suspended for three years and nine months suspended on condition that they each perform 315 hours of community service.

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