Woman faces $10 000 adultery lawsuit

A CHIPINGE woman who had an adulterous relation which sired a child with a married man has been slapped with $10 000 adultery damage by the man’s legally married wife.

Alice Kunetsa, who resides in Gaza, Chipinge was dragged to court for dating and conceiving a child with the plaintiff, Rebecca Mlambo’s husband. The court heard that Kunetsa has been involved with Mlambo’s husband since 2010. The husband’s name was not stated in court papers filed at Chipinge Civil Court.

The love birds sired a child in 2014. Mlambo is using the birth of the child to prove that the two have been involved sexually. Mlambo said her husband has been a no-show at home and has taken some of his belongings to Kunetsa’s residence.

“This woman has been dating my husband since 2010 and our relationship has never been the same ever since she came into our life. He has been living at her residence most of the time ever since they met.

“Right now, I am the only one taking care of our children while she plays house wife to my husband and on top of that they have a child is called by my husband’s surname,” she said.

When asked why she was demanding such a high figure, Mlambo said it was because of the humiliation she suffered since 2010. She said she has been insulted by her rival and her husband has been assaulting her regularly.

“I want the $10 000 because this woman proved to be stubborn. I asked her to leave my husband alone and now she has already assumed his surname as if she is legally married to him. She has been parading herself as Mrs Mlambo and I am supposed to look on as she commits these atrocities? Ever since they met, my husband became so violent towards me.

“I have lost two of my front teeth after he assaulted and she has been taunting me because of how he treats me. She might want to deny this, but my husband doesn’t even deny their relationship anymore,” she said.

Kunetsa admitted she once had a relationship with the woman’s husband, but severed ties after realising that he was a married man.

“I am no longer with her husband. As for the $10 000 she wants, I cannot pay that because her husband was not forced to propose me. Besides where does she think I will get such money given the current economic environment,” said Kunetsa.

The case is set to continue next month before Magistrate Poterai Gwezhira.