Woman arrested for stealing meat

Prisca Mushayi

Prisca Mushayi (33) from Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb was busted for stealing meat at a local supermarket.

Mushayi allegedly picked up one packet of meat she was willing to pay for but hid another valued at $2.50, in her hoody.

Without noticing that the CCTV cameras were recording her little act, she proceeded to the counter and paid for the meat that she was using as a decoy.

While Mushayi was elated thinking that her scam had succeeded she was surprised when a guard demanded that a female supermarket staff member search her.

“After I saw her in action on the CCTV, I did not act. I left the office and proceeded to the door where I requested that she be searched by a female member of staff. We caught her in possession of beef which was hidden in her hoody pocket,” said the guard.

When B-Metro arrived at the scene, the woman was being held in custody at the back room waiting to be sent to Cowdray Park police base where she confessed  before paying a fine.