Violent clashes between residents and artisanal miners rock Glendale

Two commuter omnibuses were burnt to shells and property destroyed after violent clashes between artisanal miners and residents rocked Glendale in Mazowe District.

Glendale residents went on a rampage, attacking artisanal miners and destroying their property in retaliation to an alleged attack on a young man hired to transport artisanal miners this Friday morning.

When the media arrived at the scene, a youthful crowd was in pursuit of the artisanal miners while also barricading roads.

“We are tired of the miners who are not from here. MaShurugwi should leave this place.We can’t walk at night, our mothers and our wives are being attacked. Vendors can’t sell their war. They took away my girlfriend and a granny was raped,” said one of the residents.

Vendors at the local market said gun shots had been fired earlier in the , adding that they could no longer trade freely as their goods are being taken away without being paid for.

“They took my eggs and didn’t pay and that’s what they do every day. I was there when they fired shots here. They walk in gangs of three upwards and we live in fear of them. The police is turning a blind eye on these people and they have become a law unto themselves,” said one of the vendors in the area.

Zimbabwe Republic Police, Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi said police is investigating the violent incidents and 12 suspects have been arrested.

He cautioned people to desist from violence urging those with disagreements over mines to engage the mines ministry.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said people should not take the law into their own hands warning people who move around with machetes that the arm of the law will catch up with them.

On Monday, Bindura was rocked by similar clashes pitting residents against artisanal miners.

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