VIDEO: Presidential Candidate Arrested During Peace Pledge Signing Ceremony

Francis Danha

#1980 Free Zimbabwe Movement presidential candidate Francis Danha had to be dragged out by police officers during the peace pledge signing ceremony yesterday after he continued to shout demanding that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba must not be given a chance to deliver her solidarity speech at the event.

Said Danha:

My point of order is we have raised concerns about this meeting that this programme is out of order in the sense that you are expecting leaders of political parties only with presidential candidates contesting to do their speeches. So as political party leaders we must also be given the chance to speak before the ZEC chairperson speaks. So this is my point of order Chair, I am saying give the political parties the chance to freely speak before you give the chance to some people like the ZEC chairperson. Because we have serious grievances about this election (2018) and you give her the chance to speak, this is an insult to all political parties. The structure of the programme should be changed or this will not go on.

Danha stood up to stop Chigumba from making her presentation by insisting that ZEC procedures are flawed. He had to be restrained by 5 Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers and handcuffed to allow proceedings to continue.

Watch the video of Danha being dragged out of the peace pledge signing ceremony below:

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