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UK Court Sentences Zimbabwean Man to Over Four Years for ‘Stealthing’

Guy Mukendi
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LONDON — Guy Mukendi, a 39-year-old Zimbabwean man from Brixton, has been sentenced to four years and three months in prison for removing a condom without consent during sex, a practice known as ‘stealthing.’ Mukendi was convicted of rape under UK law, which classifies nonconsensual condom removal as rape.

The sentencing took place on Thursday at Inner London Crown Court. The case stems from an incident last year when the victim consented to sex with Mukendi on the condition that a condom be used. However, Mukendi removed the condom without her knowledge or consent.

This “milestone case” saw Metropolitan Police officers working closely with the victim to gather crucial evidence. Screenshots of messages in which Mukendi apologized for removing the condom, claiming it was due to a long period without sex, played a key role in the investigation. Mukendi later deleted these messages, but forensic evidence collected with the victim’s assistance further solidified the case.

Mukendi was found guilty by a jury on April 2nd, and his conviction marks a significant moment in the enforcement of laws against stealthing in the UK.

Source: The Guardian