Suicide at a funeral

TRAGEDY struck a Mutasa family when a 28-year-old man stripped to his birthday suit and hanged himself at his uncle’s funeral after accusing his relatives of killing the latter.

Forget Mutunhu’s clothes were found near the homestead, while his body was found hanging from a tree in the same village.

Mutunhu, who was among the mourners, had threatened to take his own life if his relatives did not confess that they were behind his uncle’s death.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Norbert Muzondo confirmed the incident which happened in Chikomba Village in Chief Mutasa’s area last week on Friday.

He said Mutunhu was drunk during the funeral wake and verbally attacked his relatives.

“Mutunhu was drunk during the funeral wake and shouted at his relatives, accusing them of having a hand in his uncle’s death. He told mourners that he would take his life if noone confessed to killing his uncle.

“Later on the same day, Mrs Doreen Mutunhu saw the deceased’s shirt, trousers and a shoe on the ground and informed other relatives. Mutunhu’s naked body was then found hanging from a tree branch the following day,” said Inspector Muzondo.

A report was made at Ruda Police Station and his body was conveyed to Hauna District Hospital.

Meanwhile, a Chipinge man who was trying to escape arrest tried to commit suicide after allegedly killing his uncle.

Shadreck Dhliwayo of Mugiyo Village under Chief Mutema appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Mr Alfred Tinembiri for allegedly murdering his uncle, John Sithole of Madzunguruse Village in Mozambique.

Dhliwayo was remanded in custody to August 29 and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Prosecuting, Mr Timothy Katsande said Dhliwayo contravened Section 47(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

It is alleged that on August 12, Sithole was warming himself up on the fire in the company of his two juvenile nieces when a drunk Dhliwayo arrived home.

Mr Katsande said the two had a heated argument, with Dhliwayo telling the now late Sithole that he had overstayed his welcome.

“Dhliwayo became violent and assaulted his uncle while shouting that he should go back to Mozambique,” said Mr Katsande.

Dhliwayo’s brother, Musindo Mauraya (29), refrained him from assaulting Sithole.

He counselled the pair and urged them to co-exist peacefully.

Before retiring to bed, Mauraya advised Sithole to sleep in another room to avoid further interaction with Dhliwayo.

However, it is alleged that later during that evening, Dhliwayo approached Sithole who was seated at his new bedroom’s doorstep and dragged him for about three metres.

“Dhliwayo hit Sithole with a fist once on the chest. He armed himself with a log taken from the fireplace and hit Sithole thrice on the right jaw and once on his right eye. Sithole died on the spot,” said Mr Katsande.

He said after realising that he had killed his uncle, Dhliwayo ran to his bedroom and locked himself up as he attempted to commit suicide. Musindo managed to break the door and stopped him from committing suicide. – Manica Post


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