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Sikhala speaks on taking oath as lawyer

Job Sikhala
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HARARE – Firebrand MDC secretary for recruitment Job Sikhala — who signed the High Court’s roll of attorneys officially becoming a lawyer last week -—has said his political life will not affect his newly-acquired legal status.

Speaking to the Daily News this week after the oath-taking ceremony at the High Court for law graduates who passed the Bar this year, the voluble former St Mary’s legislator says he will balance the two.

“There are no difficulties in balancing my political life and my law practice. Rather it has made it easier.

“Law, politics and economics work hand-in-glove and it makes it more interesting. I did not study law or join politics in search of fortune. It is a calling.

“I can feel it both emotionally and in heart and spirit. I have got a mission to accomplish. God has a purpose in my life. That I feel it, and it is God’s mission I am there to accomplish. I will give both my best attention.”

Sikhala rose to fame at the formation of MDC in 1999 and served as the party’s first St Mary’s legislator before breaking away to form his own party MDC-99.

He later re-joined the MDC and was elected mobilisation secretary.

The former UZ student leader is currently employed by former Finance minister Tendai Biti’s law firm as a lawyer.

Born in 1972,  he became well known after claiming to have been tortured by the President Robert Mugabe regime in 2001.

He claims he was tortured for eight hours with the protagonists even attaching electrodes to his genitals and giving him electric shocks.

The MP also claims that he was beaten on the soles of his feet with planks of wood and was forced to drink toxins and urine.

Sikhala was charged with masterminding a treason attempt against the ruling Zanu PF party, but was acquitted.

He is married and also has a degree in history and economic history. – Daily News