SA-based tycoon’s widow seeks court interdict to access matrimonial home

THE widow of South Africa-based Zimbabwean businessman, Bheki Ndlovu who was recently killed in the neighbouring country, has approached the court seeking an order interdicting her in-laws from blocking her from accessing their matrimonial home in Bulawayo.

Mrs Nomazwe Ndlovu said her in-laws barred her from accessing the matrimonial home in North End suburb following the death of her husband.

Ndlovu was killed in South Africa by a lone gunman and the family suspect his wife is behind the murder as she is alleged to have sent him a threatening message a week before his death.

Ndlovu was buried at his rural home in Phumula, Tsholotsho on Tuesday in the absence of his wife and their three children

Mrs Ndlovu and her son, Graig, through their lawyers VJ Mpofu and Associates, filed an exparte chamber application at the Bulawayo magistrate’s court citing eight family members and Safeguard Security Company as respondents.

In her founding affidavit, Mrs Ndlovu said she was barred from accessing her house by her in-laws who accuse her of having a hand in her husband’s murder.

She said her husband’s family blocked her from attending his burial.

Mrs Ndlovu, however, said despite accusations by her in-laws, South African police cleared her of any wrongdoing.

“Following my husband’s death, the South African Police Service, conducted their investigations which involved the confiscation of 12 cell phones that were used by my husband and also interviewed me. This followed allegations that I was behind his shooting. The police concluded that there is no case. There are no charges against myself on the matter in Zimbabwe or in South Africa,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

She said her in-laws used her to process burial papers and went on to bar her from attending the burial.

“After I had signed necessary documentation and crossed the border with my late husband’s body, they changed goal posts and they chased me away from the funeral and barred me, my children and my relatives from attending the funeral and burial,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

She said her in-laws chased her away from her home and even threatened to kill her if she resisted. Mrs Ndlovu said she and her children have a right to access their home. 

“At the moment, I and the kids have been rendered homeless, without food and anything to wear. For the record property number 31 Campbell Avenue, North End, Bulawayo is our matrimonial home, but the respondents have chased me away and vowed to kill me if I show myself there. This is a property that is jointly registered in the name of Bhekimpilo Ndlovu and myself, Nomazwe Patience Ndlovu,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

“I am before this court asking for the intervention of the court in the matter. All that I want is that I be allowed undisturbed possession and occupation of the property under number 31 Campbell Avenue, North End, Bulawayo. In terms of the law, I as the co-owner of the said property, I have a right to such. In any event, even as a surviving spouse I have the right not to be kicked out of the matrimonial house while the estate of the deceased is being dealt with. In this case, the estate has not yet been registered.”

Mrs Ndlovu also wants the court to interdict the respondents from interfering with her children’s possession and use of their matrimonial home.  Chronicle