‘Robert Mugabe had only 1 farm and 10 cars’

The late Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe only left ten cars and 1 farm for his family among other few properties that have been formally registered by his daughter Bona Mugabe.
According to the Herald the properties registered are as follows:

House Number 129 Forbes Road, Waterfalls

Villa Number 65, Gunhill
Number 27 Quorn Avenue, Mt Pleasant

Lot GB Helensvale and Lot 1 of subdivision B of Sub G of Helensvale

Highfield Farm

Zvimba rural farming plot (about 5 acres)

Zvimba rural home (one hectare)

Zvimba orchard (about five acres)

10 cars

Mugabe is also said to have left Ten million United States dollars at his CBZ account.
During his reign, there were rampant reports that the Mugabes owned multiple farms all over the country and have mansions in Dubai, South Africa and other countries.

Source – Byo24