Rattling witchcraft row

BREAKING ranks with his brother’s children has appeared to be the easy way out for a Zimunya man after his wife was labelled a witch by their nephews.

Onias Maraure bared it all at Mutare Civil Courts before magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, pleading with the court to grant him a protection order against Enock and Tinashe Maraure, and their wives.

He was also asking for the court’s intervention to stop the couples from defaming his wife, Ruth Maraure.

Onias did not take lightly allegations that his wife was the source of all the misfortunes bedevilling the Maraure family.

“I cannot stand it anymore, Your Worship, to have the name and character of my wife continue being tarnished by our nephews. They accuse her of appearing in their dreams at night as a witch. At one point, one of our daughters-in-law came to our gate, and started singing songs denigrating my wife, but we ignored her. Undeterred, she sent her son to assault my wife, and that is unacceptable. May this honourable court protect us?” pleaded Onias.

Both Tinashe and Enock did not deny that there was animosity between them and their uncle.

They maintained that their children were having weird dreams where Ruth features, but denied ever confronting them about it.

“Your Worship, this matter is already before our village head for arbitration. I was actually surprised when I was summoned to appear before this court. We have on several occasions tried to persuade our uncle to assist us in consulting both traditional and faith healers for a recourse without any joy, yet our children are being tormented,” said Enock.

Tinashe challenged his uncle to come out clean and play ball.
“The last time we sought help alone, our aunt was identified as the source of the problems affecting us,” said Tinashe.

Mr Chipato, however, ruled in Onias’ favour, and granted the protection order valid for five years.

“Accusing someone of witchcraft is a serious offence,” he warmed Enock and Tinashe, adding: “You must live peacefully, and if there are any problems, you should look for civilised ways of solving them.” – Herald