Prof Moyo continues with law lecture with Madhuku on tweeter

Former Minister of Higher and Education professor Jonathan Moyo

THE embattled self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has told Constitutional Law expert Professor Lovemore Mdhuku that he must start winning cases in court if he wants Zimbabweans to take him seriously.
Moyo uttered the words during a Twar over imprisoned Prisca Mupfumira supreme court bail application challenge which was dismissed.Said Moyo, “Tell @ProfMadhuku, who is desperate to impress varakashi trolls here, that if he wants to be taken seriously, he must start winning in court where his humiliating failure rate is surpassed only by his disastrous record at the polls where he has never won a single election!”

Moyo further added that “You are now like a delinquent juvenile. Your former student, I am. Your current or permanent student, hell no. In your classroom, you get away with BS but in court as a lawyer, you are a disaster with a dismal record. Justice Gorowa did not base her judgment on your crap reasons!”

Prof Lovemore Madhuku@ProfMadhuku

It is not about being vindicated. My role was to state the law to the best of my knowledge of it. That is what a professor of law ought to do. I will always do so both in and outside the lecture rooms/halls.My student @ProfJNMoyo has obviously now added more notes.

Prof Jonathan Moyo


You’re peddling nonsense & you know it. You were challenged for celebrating the PG’s unconstitutional certificate that barred Mupfumira from applying for bail for 21 days. You called it “very clever”. You were WRONG. In fact she applied for bail within the 21 days but was DENIED!

Moyo and Madhuku have been at loggerheads over the former Tourism Minister Mupfumira since she was arrested by the Zimbabwe anti-Corruption Commission for abuse of NSSA funds.

Moyo revealed that the real cause of the arrest was Mupfumira’s ambition to remove General Chiwenga from the Presidency