Prof. Madhuku blasts govt for human right during lockdown

Lovemore Madhuku

Professor Lovemore Madhuku blames gorvenmental authorities for enfringing on human rights in the name of Covid19 lockdown restrictions.

He questions the  manner in which the governmental authorities has responded to the pandemic.

During the interview with social workers held on social media platform Madhuku said,” Covid19 is a threat to human rights in respect of the manner in which the governmental authorities have responded to it.

In as much the lockdowns have put in place to curb the spread of the virus but there is temptation that once you do things for good measure you overlook that there are certain basic rights that you have to respect that is how far a threat it is.”

Madhuku further urged the security forces  not to use force in enforcing lockdown regulations as that enfringe on human rights.

Source – Tarisai Mudahondo