Police bashers arrested after attack goes viral on social media

Police bashers

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the assault of neighborhood watch committee officers in Chikanga, Mutare, after the attack went viral on social media last week.

Stanely Chifamata, 26, and Aaron Samusodza, 27, were taken into custody on Wednesday, police said in a Twitter statement, adding that “the suspects challenged the complainants, resulting in the scuffle which ended up involving members of the public.”

Officers launched a manhunt following the surfacing of a widely-circulated 45-second video that showed several suspects attacking and exchanging blows with the uniformed officers.

While the motive remains unclear, the video starts off with an officer manhandling a suspect in a water trench before another suspect arrives and takes a swing at the law enforcement agent.

A second officer emerges from a swelling crowd and rushes to his colleagues’ rescue, kicking the second suspect who tumbles into the drainage.

The officer quickly gets a backlash with several suspects also shoving him into the water trench.

Meanwhile, the first suspect appears to have subjugated the first officer, hitting him in the head while he sits. But the officer springs up and appears to turn the tables before the video ends.

Source – zimlive

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