People Are Crying Out For The Return of Roadblocks, There Is Chaos Claims ZRP

Booted out is the Snr Asst Comm Charamba

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said that her office is fielding numerous calls from anxious citizens who want the police to relaunch roadblocks.

Under former police commissioner general Augustine Chihuri, the ZRP mounted numerous roadblocks across the country’s roads and were accused of extorting motorists.

However, this came to an end after the fall of former president Robert Mugabe following the military intervention in November 2017.  Speaking to journalists at a workshop in Gweru, Charamba said,

Right now if you go to Harare people are crying for roadblocks; why? Because there is chaos in the central business district, its chaotic because of congestion, it’s now a jungle.

Roadblocks are part of our police side duties, we cannot completely do away with roadblocks because now there is chaos and people have been complaining that the police is now behaving as if they don’t care. People are saying ZRP now you have developed an attitude that shows that you no longer want to do your job.