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New High Court Judges Receive Land Rover Discovery Vehicles

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HARARE – The recently appointed High Court judges by President Emmerson Mnangagwa have been provided with new Land Rover Discovery cars, just two weeks after their official swearing-in ceremony.

On June 12, President Mnangagwa appointed a diverse group to the High Court bench, including former magistrates Faith Mushure and Ngoni Nduna, along with lawyers Regis Demure, Philipa Phillips, Gibson Mandaza, Joel Mambara, Naison Chivhayo, Vivian Ndlovu, Sijabuliso Siziba, and Mpokiseng Dube. Additionally, Maxwell Kaitano was designated to serve at the Administrative Court.

Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi praised these appointments, emphasizing that they would enhance access to justice and expedite the conclusion of prolonged cases. He also noted that the influx of new judges would help alleviate the current backlog in the courts.

However, the appointments have not been without controversy. Critics have questioned the qualifications of some of the new judges. Concerns were raised over the fact that several appointees performed poorly in public interviews. For instance, Ngoni Nduna admitted during his interview that he defaulted on a bank loan for his farm. Moreover, reports have surfaced that some of the newly appointed judges have never argued or represented a client in court.

Despite these concerns, the new judges were delivered their brand-new Land Rover Discovery vehicles today at the High Court of Zimbabwe in Harare. The sight of the sleek, grey SUVs parked opposite the Munhumutapa offices, where President Mnangagwa’s office is located, drew the attention of passersby, some of whom took photos.

The public reaction to the delivery of the judges’ new cars has been mixed. Online commentators expressed a range of sentiments, reflecting the ongoing debate about the suitability and priorities of the newly appointed judges.