Neighbours’ goblin war spills into court

A NEIGHBOURS’ war of 11 years finally spilled into court when one of the rival families was angered  by accusations of owning food stealing goblins.

Percy Chitiyo (41) of Emakhandeni suburb dragged his aged neighbour MaMhlanga to court because she was “disturbing the peace” in his life.

Chitiyo revealed that since 2006 when he started living next door, to MaMhlanga he’s always had problems with his erstwhile neighbour.

“She always accuses my family and I of theft. Now she says we are bewitching her and we have goblins that finish food at her house,” said Chitiyo.

MaMhlanga is alleged to at times sweep in front of Chitiyo’s yard without his knowledge.

At one time he confronted her about it but she reacted angrily and insulted him. He then decided to seek a peace order.

In court it was revealed that even members of the two people’s families were part of the fight and they once engaged residents association leaders on numerous occasions but failed to settle their differences.

In her response, Mhlanga said she was not aware of what Chitiyo was talking about and she had no time to clean other people’s yards.

However, presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in favour of the applicant and the respondent was ordered not to go to the applicant’s house, insult the applicant, or even talk badly about the applicant and not to talk to him. – B-Metro

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