‘Ndunge’s’ son jailed for cellphone theft

Isaac Makuyana Ndunge

Is he a real prophet or a thief . . . you decide!

A self-proclaimed prophet based in Bulawayo’s Northend suburb that claims to be the late popular Chipinge n’anga Sekuru Ndunge’s son has been jailed for 24 months for selling two cellphones which belonged to his clients.

Isaac Makuyana Ndunge (37), reportedly sold two cellphones  which belonged to his clients  — Simbisai Zimbodza (35) and Slyvia Njanji (32). 

At the court set down before his trial, Ndunge bragged to the prosecutors saying he possessed  supernatural powers and as such  he would never be thrown  behind bars and threatened to unleash lightning on the prosecutor. 

However, when he stepped into the dock for trial before   Bulawayo magistrate Lizwe  Jamela facing theft charges somehow fear took its toll.

When he was asked on his plea to the charge he did not waste  the court’s time. He pleaded guilty.

He took to the stand and said: “Your worship, these two ladies (Zimbodza and Njanji) came to my shrine seeking to have their marital and financial woes solved. I advised them to pay US$15. But they paid $3 and promised to pay the balance after two days.”

Ndunge advised the two ladies to leave their cellphones behind.

“I asked them to leave their cellphones as collateral and assured them that they will find the cellphones under their pillows in their respective bedrooms after paying the balance. Unfortunately the cellphones were stolen since a number of people visit my shrine,” he said.

Ndunge went on to say he gave them a concoction to drink so as to cast out evil spirits that were destroying their marriages.

Zimbodza took to the stand: “We were made to drink a concoction after paying US$3 and he told us to pay a balance of US$12 each after two days. We later fell unconscious and recovered later. He then asked us to leave our cellphones saying we would find them under our pillows after paying the balance. After two days we paid the balance and returned with the belief that we would find our cellphones under the pillows but we could not find them.

“We confronted him (Ndunge) but shockingly he told us that our cellphones were stolen since a number of people visit his shrine.”

Njanji told the court that they made a police report leading to the arrest of Ndunge.  

Due to overwhelming evidence the magistrate found Ndunge guilty.

In mitigation he said he was the sole breadwinner and married to three wives who stay in Chipinge.

“Your worship, I beg for your leniency. I’m the sole breadwinner. I’m married to three wives and I have 12 children, seven of them are attending primary school,” he  begged.

The magistrate sentenced him to 24 months behind bars. Six months were suspended   on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within  a period of five years, another three months were suspended on condition that he restitutes  Njanji $530 on or before 30 September. 

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