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Gogo Neria Majokwiro

A NEDZIWA sexagenarian stole the limelight at the Mutare Civil Courts on Monday when he incessantly demanded a divorce token from his estranged wife who left him four years ago after serving time behind bars.

The elderly man, Sekuru Dennis Katsaraure, told the court that his 67-year-old wife, Gogo Neria Majokwiro, is refusing to end the marriage through a divorce token.

Sekuru Katsaraure said Gogo Majokwiro moved out of their matrimonial home in 2016. He said Gogo Majokwiro wants to keep him waiting while she enjoys life with her children.

The couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo.

“She is still to give me a divorce token. She is doing that because she wants to keep me waiting until she makes up her mind to come back to me. I know she wants to come back, but I do not want to see her near my home. All I want is the divorce token as dictated by our culture,” said Sekuru Katsaraure.

He told the court that he has been giving Gogo Majokwiro her spousal maintenance from the time she moved out.

“She does not talk to me, yet she wants to come back and boss me around like she used to do before moving out. I will not have that. She should just give me the divorce token so that we go our separate ways,” charged the angry man.


Sekuru Dennis Katsaraure

He also claimed that when Gogo Majokwiro deserted him, she would come back to steal their matrimonial property.

However, Gogo Majokwiro was seeking a protection order. She also begged the court to approve her return to her Nedziwa matrimonial home, where Katsaraure is staying.

She told the court that she left her husband as Sekuru Katsaraure had been denying her access to the homestead.

She said she has been staying with their son and now wants to get back home.

Gogo Majokwiro told the court that she left her husband as soon as she was released from prison, adding that she was fed-up with him after he had implicated her on the criminal matters that led to her incarceration.

“He was involved in a stands scam and lied to the court that I was his accomplice. I was convicted and sentenced to six months imprisonment. When I was released, I was no longer interested in the marriage. What sort of husband does that?

“I want nothing to do with him. I just want to be allowed to go back to my homestead.

“I went to jail in 2014 because of him and therefore he owes me,” she said.

In its ruling, the court said since Gogo Majokwiro had moved out voluntarily from her matrimonial home four years ago, there was no reason for her to get a protection order as her peace was not being disturbed.

“It is very clear in this court that you two are not in good books.

“If I allow you to go back, that house will be a place of incessant violence,” said Mr Murendo.

He dismissed Gogo Majokwiro’s protection order application. – Manica Post

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