Murder suspect exposed as grave robber

Nicholas Masuku

IF you thought digging up graves of the dead is only a preserve of horror flicks and thriller novels, this story will certainly change your perspective on the bizarreness of life.

A Bulawayo man who is reportedly under investigation for suspected murder in Gwanda, Matabeleland South province is also being accused of engaging in the “cold and callous” acts of digging up graves.

Although his motive for digging up graves was not immediately established, Noel Masuku from Cowdray Park suburb was exposed by his brother Nicholas Masuku who is also a businessman after he sued him for breaching his peace by persistently confronting him over the suspected murder case whose investigations are still pending.

This was also after Noel claimed that his elder brother was branding him a witch before he threatened to hire thugs to abduct him.

So frosty is the relationship between the two brothers that Noel last week rushed to Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a protection order against Nicholas claiming he had also threatened to kill him.

“I request that the court must secure me with a protection order against my brother Nicholas Khawulani Masuku who is threatening to kill me. He is constantly coming to my house to insult me while armed with a pistol. He is also saying I am a wizard and he will hire people to abduct me and make me disappear forever. He claims that since he is an ex- soldier who was trained to kill, no one will arrest him because he is well connected to all law enforcement agencies,” said an emotionally disturbed Noel.

Noel further said Nicholas was also insulting his mother calling her a prostitute who was abusing his father’s wealth.
He then begged presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube to grant a protection order against his brother saying the harassment was now affecting his family.

In response Nicholas justified his frequent visits to his younger brother’s place saying he had a case to answer concerning a suspected murder case which happened in Gwanda.

“I once came to court last year regarding this issue and the applicant defaulted. He is my brother and there is a pending murder case in Gwanda which is under investigation. We suspected he murdered someone and is also being suspected of digging up graves. I called him about this and went to his house to talk about it and he is now accusing me of fighting with him.

“In fact he is the one who is always fighting with us and there is no reason why I should shoot him. He is, however, interfering with investigations in which I’m also a complainant,” responded Nicholas.

In her ruling the magistrate granted an order in favour of Noel which spells that Nicholas should not call him or to go to his house without his consent and the order is valid for a period of eight years.

In coming up with the ruling the magistrate observed that there were reasonable grounds for believing that Nicholas had committed a breach of peace towards his younger brother especially from his submissions that he was going to reprimand him over the suspected murder case in question whose investigations were still pending. – B-Metro

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