Money changer pummels ..fellow money changer for an expose

Nyengeterai Mashungu

A cheeky money changer who operates at Chicken Inn which is directly opposite Tredgold courts charged at a fellow money changer and rained blows on her while accusing her of allegedly leaking a story to B- Metro.

The dramatic incident that attracted hordes of people that included money changers and passersby happened at around 3.30pm recently.

A source who witnessed the incident that lasted about 10 minutes said the cheeky Nyengeterai Mboko confronted Sithiwe Bhebhe and accused her of leaking a story to B- Metro which alleged that she was involved in an affair with Daniel Nyoni who is married to Sifelani Ndlovu.

An argument arose between the pair and tempers flared.

Nyengeterai manhandled her before raining blows on her.

Other money changers and passersby converged to watch the fist fight pitting the pair.

A police officer who was passing by intervened but he faced a tough time in restraining the marauding Nyengeterai. The officer was assisted by the members of the public to apprehend the pair.

Mboko and Bhebhe were taken to Bulawayo central police station where they spent the night in the cells. On the following day they each paid a $500 fine before they were released.

Mboko said: “I had to beat her because someone told me that she leaked the story to you (B- Metro). I got bitter because I felt she was on a mission to wreck my marriage.”

Strenuous efforts to get a comment from Bhebhe were fruitless as her mobile number went straight to voicemail.

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested two money changers – Nyengeterai Mboko and Sithiwe Bhebhe for a public fight. We urge members of the public to engage third parties whenever they are faced with differences than to take the law into their hands.”

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