Mohadi’s business partner survives assassination attempt

Kembo Mohadi

A BEITBRIDGE businessman and Zanu-PF official Oscar Chiromo escaped death yesterday morning when gunmen shot at his car twice, injuring his hand while he was driving to work from his rural home.

Chiromo, who owns Beitbridge Transit Shed, had his hand grazed and was treated and discharged from a Beitbridge private hospital after the incident.

Matabeleland South acting police spokesperson Inspector Loveless Mangena could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Chiromo, however, said he had reported the shooting to the police soon after he was discharged from hospital.

He said his attackers were travelling in an unregistered Honda CVR vehicle which made an Uturn after the shooting.

“The car tracked us from Lutumba, and then drove in front of us before slowing down to allow us passage. We were shot at as we were overtaking. I was hit on the hand and soon after, our attackers drove in the (opposite) direction,” he said.

Chiromo opened the Beitbridge Transit Shed, a pre-owned vehicle warehouse, after a bitter split with Vice-President Kembo Mohadi who runs a similar business trading as Malindi Transit Shed.

The other vehicle warehouse at Beitbridge is run by Manica Freight, an international clearing house with branches throughout the country.

Mohadi and Chiromo have been in and out of the courts in connection with about US$50 000 Mohadi claims from his former partner. Chiromo is also a senior Zanu-PF party official in Matabeleland South, a province that is largely controlled by Mohadi.

Source – newsday

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