Mnangagwa sidekick arrested over facebook post

Energy Mutodi

Singer and businessman Energy Mutodi was arrested this morning for an article he wrote on Facebook about why it is a difficult job for President Robert Mugabe to choose a successor, state media reported.

Details are still sketchy about what happened.

Mutodi’s post, however, pointed to a possible coup if Mugabe did not handle things right.

He writes that there have been more than 200 successful and unsuccessful coups in Africa since 1960, adding:  “Unwillingness to peacefully handover power, failure to name a successor, ruthless crushing of dissent, economic mismanagement and state capture by those close to the incumbent are among the reasons why coups are rampant in Africa.”

“African leaders are to a large extent obsessed with power, do not know when to stop, commit countless crimes while in office and delegate power to their family members much to the disappointment of the military.

“While a military takeover maybe far fetched in Zimbabwe, it is important for President Mugabe to be careful in naming his successor. Any suspicion of unfairness or discrimination on account of tribalism or factionalism may backfire.”