Mechanic demands 13 cattle from dead man

A Nyamandlovu mechanic shocked mourners when he tried to confiscate 13 cattle belonging to a dead man claiming he owed him $3 500.

The mechanic reportedly hired a truck and went to Bhebhe’s homestead intending to impound 13 cattle.

His claims were that he fixed Amos Bhebhe’s tractor, but never got his payment.

However, it was all drama as villagers and the deceased’s family teamed up against him and blocked his mission.

A family member who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “He claims that he fixed Amos’ tractor and charged him $3 500 which he failed to pay till his death.

“It’s funny because the tractor has been parked for the past two years and we do not know what he fixed which costs $3 500.”

The village head, Jabulani Bhebhe told B-Metro that the tractor had been stationary for the past two years, therefore the  mechanic’s claim came as a shock.

“The tractor has been parked for the past two years; you can ask any villager, they will tell you that no one has used it since 2015. Who charges 13 cattle for fixing a tractor? I have since taken the matter to lawyers as the man is threatening to take the cattle by force,” said Bhebhe.

He further revealed that it seemed the mechanic was up to no good as at one time he brought with him a man whom he said was a Messenger of Court.

“What shocked us is that no one ever received court summons, but he brought a Messenger of Court. How is that possible?” said Bhebhe.

The deceased’s family also alleged that the tractor was stripped.

“The starter and battery of the tractor are missing and we know the mechanic took them. Why did he not demand all this money when Amos was alive? He is taking advantage because he knows that Amos is not here to speak for himself. He is failing to produce the receipts for the money he is claiming,” said Bhebhe.

The village head, who is assisting the family, also indicated that he was advised by his lawyers to bar the mechanic from taking the cattle until the matter was heard in court.