Man pesters neighbour for sex

Jack Moyo

LOVE next door ain’t a bad idea!

But Siphosisile Mpala thinks it is after her neighbour at Bulawayo’s Cowdray Park suburb, Jack Moyo, pestered her for sex.

As fate would have it Mpala rejected his advances. However, instead of taking it like a man, Moyo started calling Mpala names and using profane language towards her.

The emotional torture became too much for her and she has since approached the courts for a peace order.

“I am having problems with my neighbour who always insults me saying I am a prostitute and that is the reason my husband dumped me. The problem started after I refused to have sex with him and ever since I have not had peace in my life,” she told presiding magistrate Tancy Dube.

But Mpala is a tough cookie. At one point she beat up Moyo but that landed her in trouble.

“Last month he insulted me and I ended up assaulting him and I went to prison for that,” she said.

In his response, Moyo resorted to complaining about Mpala’s tenants.

“The applicant stays with people who drink and move at night. When they return, they make noise and when I try talking with them she gets involved,” he said.

The application was granted in favour of Mpala and the respondent was ordered not to communicate with the applicant in any way, verbally abuse her, go to applicant’s house or interfere with her business and her tenants.

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