Man kills child, throws body in river

GRUESOME murder!

Villagers are still in shock following the horrific murder of a five-year-old girl by her relative who reportedly inserted sticks in her anus until she passed out.

After realising that the girl had died, Upenyu Zhou Mutombeni (20) then threw the body into Jindu River trying to conceal his crime.

When the deceased’s body was discovered, the post-mortem disclosed that the girl had not drowned, but had been murdered.

Investigations led to the arrest of Mutombeni as some villagers revealed that they had spotted him carrying the girl heading to the river.

Mutombeni appeared before Mberengwa magistrate Shepherd Mjanja and was remanded in custody to 11 February.

Circumstances are that on 16 January around 1pm, the accused forcibly took the girl to a secluded place where he inserted three sticks in her anus.

It resulted in the girl’s death and he hatched a cover-up plan by taking the deceased body to Jindu River where he dumped it.

The plan was to stage a drowning incident but fortunately during investigations the truth came out and Mutombeni was arrested.

In another unrelated case, a 60-year-old man landed himself in trouble when he beat his neighbour to death following a misunderstanding over donkeys.

Rudo Deredzai of Rupinde village is facing a murder charge after he beat Kwarivha Zhou whose donkeys were destroying his crops.

When he confronted the now deceased over the issue, he instructed him to drive them out of the fields and it did not go down well with Deredzai who then picked a log and struck him twice on the head.

Zhou collapsed and was rushed to Musume clinic where he was referred to Mnene hospital and died upon admission.

Deredzai was remanded in custody to 12 February.