Man cripples wife

IN a fit of rage, a Bulawayo man reportedly drove his car for over 100 metres with his wife clinging on the door with her feet on the ground.

After being married for 19 years, Farai Msipa’s husband Mduduzi Msipa did the unthinkable which left her crippled.

But it seems Msipa is not done with her just yet. He wants her dead and as such she has left their matrimonial home.

“I am now crippled because of my husband. After realising that my life was in danger I moved to stay at my workplace.

“We had a misunderstanding and I was standing near the driver’s seat talking to him and the door was open.

“My hand was resting on the door and the other one holding onto the driver’s seat when he eventually started the car.

He drove the car for over 100 metres at a high speed and I was clinging onto the door and driver’s seat.

“I fell out of the car and rolled several times, fractured both legs and had bruises on my face and left side of my body,” she said.

Early this month he paid her a surprise and scary visit claiming he wanted to collect his power bank and books.

Upon noticing that he was drunk, Farai refused to open the door for him and he started banging doors and windows making death threats.

“He insisted on coming inside, but I refused after noticing his state of drunkenness. After refusing to submit to his demands, he started harassing my family and neighbours banging the doors and windows saying he was not going to leave and making death threats.

“Due to my condition since I cannot walk I felt threatened and called my brother to rescue me. On the very day, he proceeded to my workplace demanding to see me and calling me names, defaming my character,” she said while begging to be granted a protection order.

In response, Mduduzi admitted to bothering Farai because he wanted his property.

“Her family took away my property and she is the who has it,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Tancy Dube referred the couple for counselling and the order was granted barring Msipa from going to the applicant’s home and workplace.