Man (48) impregnates mentally challenged teen

IT is unlawful to have a sexual relationship with a mentally disturbed person!

The above words might be continuously ringing in the mind of a 48-year-old Nketa man who found himself behind bars after impregnating a mentally unstable teenager who even failed to notice that she was pregnant.

After suspecting that something was wrong with the teenager (16), one family friend secretly conducted a pregnancy test without her knowledge and confirmed her suspicions.

After interrogating the girl, she then revealed she had sexual intercourse with Andrew Munoda (48) and they swiftly reported the matter to police.

Munoda was charged with rape of a mentally incompetent female when he appeared before magistrate Tancy Dube.

It is reported that Munoda met the complainant sometime in February when she was accompanying her five-year-old nephew to school.

The man then proposed love to the girl, but she turned him down.

However, he finally managed to convince her to change her mind after promising to marry and take good care of her.

On unknown dates during the period extending from February to March 2018, Munoda took the complainant to his place where they had consensual sexual intercourse three times.

The complainant fell pregnant, but she had no idea that she was pregnant. When her sister and co-tenant noticed some changes in her body, they asked her, but she professed ignorance.

On 22 August, the co-tenant conducted a pregnancy test on the complainant without her knowledge and the results were positive.

After interrogating her, she then narrated her ordeal. Munoda was remanded in custody to 31 August.

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